Saturday, 29 April 2017
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This is the legacy home page. Brows over to the new home page to get many new features.

We are in the process of redesigning this web site using a more flexible framework. Many charts now have new improved versions with many options to customize them and more ways to interact with them. For example, on the new World Map you can select which portals to include, how many ranks to show, and navigate to any date in history. You can also highlight game by core play mechanic. These and similar features can be found on all the new charts including the New Releases and the History chart. There is also a much improved search feature and better game detail pages. Unfortunately not all of the charts have been reproduced in the new framework. The Top Games chart and the World Map Summary reports are only available in the legacy system. Also, the legacy system and the new system each use different navigation bars so it is cumbersome to navigate between them. We are working to clean this all up and get everything on the new framework as soon as possible.

You are currently viewing the legacy home page. Take the plunge and try the new home page.

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